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Buy The Right Firearm And Cut Down On Recoil Problems

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The number of gun background checks performed in 2016 is well beyond the 20 million mark. That means millions of handguns, rifles, and shotguns were sold to millions of consumers. Many of those consumers were first-time buyers. Buyers without a lot of experience with firearms may gravitate towards the most well-known gun manufacturer or the cheapest gun when they opt to purchase. Other important aspects of a firearm end up being overlooked due to inexperience. The recoil of a firearm, for example, is not thought about. Unfortunately, the inability to handle the recoil of a firearm undermines shot accuracy. When looking at guns for sale at a place like Wilcox Bait Tackle buyers should look at a few traits that reduce the potential for recoil problems.  

Caliber Counts

A lower caliber is going to deliver less of a recoil than a very heavy caliber. A .38 Special certainly won’t kick as much as a .44 Magnum. The same is true with long guns. A 20 gauge shotgun is less powerful than a 12 gauge, but still a popular home defense caliber. Pick the right caliber wisely. Another point does need to be made here. Selecting the appropriate caliber is definitely important, but caliber should not be the only factor in a purchasing selection.

Design and Weight

The weight of a particular gun contributes to recoil. A heavier gun is going to recoil less since the extra weight won’t be so easily jarred by the explosion of gun powder. Purchasing a full-size 9mm or .40 caliber pistol with a longer barrel as opposed to the smaller concealed carry version cuts down on recoil issues. Even with a high caliber such as a .357, a firearm’s weight can reduce recoil. A firearm that is too heavy might not be the best purchase though. An extremely heavy and bulky firearm might be a little too clunky to handle. Look towards purchasing heavier-but-balanced firearms that aren’t clumsy to hold.

Multi-Caliber Ability

Certain firearms are able to shoot more than one caliber. A .357 also works with lighter .38 Special rounds. .44 Magnums shoot .44 Special rounds Specially designed .45 Colts may shoot lighter .45 ACP rounds. This allows for buying a heavier firearm and shooting a lighter round. The lighter round could even be a packed with high-pressure ammo to extend its power, power that the heavier caliber is capable of easily handling.

Practice means a lot when trying to reduce recoil. Beginner do need more than just practice. They need the proper firearm for their experience level in order to compensate for potential recoil issues. Better shooting results when picking the right firearm and the most appropriate ammo.

Three Times Your Local Pawnbroker Can Help You Out Of A Sticky Financial Situation

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There are a lot of different lending products on the market that are meant to meet different needs. If you are in need of emergency funds to take care of an unexpected expense, you have several options. These options all come with different levels of hassle and different fees and costs. If you are in need of emergency funds to take care of an unexpected need, you have several options. Borrowing money from friends and family is problematic for obvious reasons. Payday loans often come with a very high interest rate. One of the best options for most people is to gather up items in your home that have value and are no longer of use to you, and head to your tried-and-true pawnbroker. If you are faced with one of the following three situations, your pawnbroker is one of the best sources for quick cash.

Emergency Expenses

If you find yourself facing an emergency expense that you didn’t budget for, selling your items or obtaining a pawn loan is a great choice. There is no credit check associated with a pawn loan, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your credit score. Just don’t forget to go retrieve your belongings at the end of the loan. If you sell your items outright, you can take care of your obligations while decluttering your home. This is a win-win for everyone. 

Routine Need

If you have a short-term need, such as uniforms for a new job, school expenses for your kids or your budget is short and you need to buy food and other necessities before the next payday, your local pawnbroker can help. You can sell your possessions outright and walk away with the cash. You can also just swap your goods for a loan that you can pay off on payday. Either way, you can get the cash you need for routine expenses so you don’t have to freak out.

Major Living Expenses

If you are facing an unexpected living expense, but you don’t want to sell your belongings outright, a pawn loan on your goods is a great option. This is especially true if you are dealing with a shut-off notice for a utility or the possibility of bouncing a check. Fees to have your utilities turned back on can be exorbitant. A bad check, the associated fees and stress are insanely expensive. These situations are definitely more costly than pawn loan fees.

Cycling Gear Considerations For The Amateur Cyclist

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Cycling is an intense sport with many rewards. If you would like to seriously compete in cycling events, you must wear the best cycling gear for your body and your style of cycling. Here are a few things to consider if you are beginning to get into competition cycling:

  • Cycling Helmet – A cycling helmet is your most important piece of cycling gear. Your choice of cycling helmet depends on the right combination of aerodynamics and ventilation. Choose a helmet that has a simple chin strap, keeps you cool with padding that wicks away moisture from your head, and has no drag to slow you down when in cycling. Also, choose a helmet that will hold a personal identity tag in case of an emergency during competition. 
  • Cycling Shorts or Bib Cycling Shorts – The choice to wear cycling shorts or bib cycling shorts is personal preference. Cycling shorts are easy to get on and off and give you extra freedom in the waist and abdomen. Bib cycling shorts are as flexible as standard cycling shorts and you do not have to worry about your cycling shorts creeping up or down while you are on your bicycle. Cycling shorts are great when you are competing in warm weather and bib cycling shorts offer you extra warmth when competing in a cooler climate. If you buy both kinds of shorts, you can test each of them out in your practice runs before you get into completion in a specific location. 
  • Cycling Jersey – A cycling jersey is worn to keep you cool or warm in different cycling locations and climates. Some cycling jerseys are vented for maximum breeze and cooling. Other cycling jerseys are padded for maximum warmth and protection from the wind or other weather. One or two cycling jerseys can be worn during competition and then taken off or put on while on the road. 
  • Cycling Gloves – Your cycling gloves are your second most important pieces of cycling gear. Choose cycling gloves that pull on and do not have velcro straps or buckles to stay on your hands and wrists. Make sure your gloves give you adequate padding and stretchability for your particular hand grip and are flexible in any position. Also, look for gripper dots on your glove palms that help you to hold on to the hand grips on your bicycle when competing. 
  • Cycling Accessories – You can always add extra gear during a competition when the weather changes or road conditions change. Arm and leg warmers can be added to protect your arms and legs from sun or wind burn. Elastic at the top and bottom of arm and leg warmers keep them in place while riding. Both arm and leg warmers can be easily stashed in a pocket to put on as needed while on the road. 

As with any active wear, you must be so comfortable with your cycling gear that you completely forget that you are wearing cycling gear. This will give you the freedom to concentrate on your body and your cycling. Whenever possible, wear layers of cycling clothing that can be put on or taken off as you work up to full competition exertion or the climate and weather changes during your ride. Try out different clothing and gear (from outlets such as Sarasota Cyclery Inc) during your practice runs on location to customize what you will wear during competition. Above all have fun and ride like the wind.  

Getting Through Some Unexpected Golf Emergencies

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You never know what kinds of things can happen to you out on the golf course, and it pays to be prepared for any emergency. There are some hazards that are inherent to being out on an open, often isolated green that you can be cognizant of and learn to deal with to protect yourself from harm.

Some hazards that can impact your game and well-being include:


The first thing to do when you spot lightning on the golf course is to seek shelter. Stay away from your metal and graphite clubs, which can conduct electricity and harm you if you try to hold them.

At the first sign of lightning:

  • Find shelter. A sturdy building is best, but a hard-top vehicle is also helpful.
  • Roll up the windows if you are in a car, and avoid touching anything metal inside the vehicle.
  • If outside, stay away from water, hilltops, sheds, and isolated trees, as these can increase the chance of being struck.
  • If you get caught on the course, stay low to the ground away from trees, poles, or fencing. Try to make yourself small, curl up and lower your head between your knees.

Tornado warnings.

Don’t try to out-run a tornado, and don’t get caught in a golf-cart. The best thing to do is to find shelter, if not in an inner-room on the first floor or basement of a building than in a ditch with your hands protecting your head.

When a tornado strikes on the golf course:

  • Stay low and keep your head down.
  • Try to avoid being out in the open.
  • If inside, stay away from windows and out of the corners of the room or building. Try to get in the middle of the room if possible, preferably under a study piece of furniture or in the bathtub.

Bird attack.

It may sound like a Hollywood movie, but birds can attack and hurt you during play on a course. Wear a hat as a precaution against any birds that might be in the region, particularly mockingbirds, magpies, and blackbirds, which are prone to hanging out on golf courses and that will attack humans. You may not be able to strike-back, as birds are typically protected by law and it is illegal to harm them- even if you are being attacked.

When birds attack you on the golf course:

  • Run and yell as loudly as you can. Wave your arms and make a lot of noise to possibly scare the birds away.
  • Make sure to cover and protect your eyes and ears during a bird attack. Even while you are running away, birds can try to peck at your head and face.
  • If you come across a bird’s nest on the course, steer clear of it. Also, don’t make it a habit of carrying food with you on the golf course, which attracts birds in general.

Be prepared for unexpected emergencies when you head out to enjoy a day on the golf course. Being aware of the best response to these and other similar circumstances may help you avoid or prevent these situations from jeopardizing your safety. Plan ahead and be prepared for these crises before you go golfing!

High-Performance Jerseys For Larger Than Average Riders

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Many of the cycling jerseys on the market today are made for small to average-sized riders. If you like to ride, but you have a larger waste girth than the average rider, you may feel like you have no choice but to ride in a T-shirt or a shirt that fits like a midriff shirt. If you are going out on a long ride, or you will be around other riders, you will feel more comfortable in a cycling jersey that actually fits and is designed with cycling in mind. Rather than settle for a shirt that will make you feel uncomfortable while you ride, you should look for high performance jerseys made for larger than average riders.


Features such as moisture wicking material were once reserved for the jerseys warn by professional riders. This approach to jersey design assumes that large riders cannot possibly be serious riders. Fortunately, the companies that make cycling jerseys have realized that anyone can be a serious rider, so you should never settle for a jersey that does not have all the best features. 

One of the banes of a cycler’s existence is sweat. Whether you are bundled up for a ride in the winter or gearing up for a summer ride, you don’t want sweat accumulating against your skin. A cotton jersey or shirt will absorb moisture, which can leave you feeling cold in the winter and muggy in the summer. A jersey with moisture-wicking abilities will lift the water away from your skin to the surface of your shirt where it can easily evaporate. This will leave you feeling dry for the duration of your ride. 

Reflective Inserts

If you have to share the road with drivers, you will want to do everything that you can to make yourself visible especially in low-light conditions. A jersey that has been fitted with reflective inserts will help those you share the road with to recognize your position.

Full Zipper

Even if you have a moisture-wicking jersey, you may still feel like your jersey is trapping heat next to your skin and causing you to overheat. A full-zip jersey allows you to open your zipper as needed to let in a cool breeze. 

Back Pockets

Wearing pants with pockets can mess up your pedal cadence and/or cause items to bounce out of your pockets. A jersey with back pockets allows you to store needed items like a power bar, a flat-tire kit, or wrenches that you might need as you are riding, without worrying about losing things. 

The right jersey can make riding much more enjoyable than it otherwise would be. If you have a large, slim frame, you should be able to find athletic-cut, plus-size jerseys. On the other hand, if you have a gut, but you still like to ride, you should be able to find a looser fitting jersey. No matter what your body type, you should be able to find high-performance jerseys to fit your needs. Use providers that have your body type and needs in mind, such as Perzist.

Tips For Setting Up A Successful Booth

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While the details of setting up a booth are different for, say, a trade show than a career fair, many of the principles are the same. After all, the point is to get your company or product noticed by as many people as possible. Your booth may be one of hundreds, if not thousands. Set up your booth to receive maximum exposure, thus ensuring a good return on investment.

Select an Eye-Catching Custom Canopy

The first step happens before you even arrive at the event center – you need to organize your display. A custom canopy, like those from, catches people’s eyes and can also help them remember the location of your booth. Naturally, the canopy must display your brand logo and name. While keeping it simple is advisable, you also want your custom canopy to draw people’s attention. Ensure the lettering and logo are large. Likewise, consider adding a bold color such as red or yellow, as long as it fits with your company’s image. Avoid any detailed pictures because they can look unfocused from far away.

Place Representatives in the Front

As their title states, representatives are responsible for representing your company. Forbes Magazine observes that many exhibitors sit behind a table, and that this is ineffective. Instead, set up the booth so that your representatives have no barrier between them and passersby. If they must have a sitting area, set them up with tall chairs at the front of the booth. This facilitates their communication with potential customers or job applicants because it makes them more approachable.

Push Tables to the Back

Clearly, if your representatives are up front, the tables need to be at the back. This may seem like it pushes your product or services out of the limelight. In fact, the goal of your booth is to invite people inside. You want them under your tent talking to your representatives and giving you their contact information. It’s very easy to walk by a table – less easy to walk by an engaging human being inviting you to come in and find out more about a product or company. The key to implementing this tip successfully is ensuring your displays are eye catching.

Make Displays Attractive

Attractive displays draw the eye. As the University of Hawaii Career Center points out, legible displays also enhance the credibility of your company. If you have a selection of promotional gifts, make sure they’re arranged neatly and in an ample supply to encourage passersby. If you’re selling products, group them according to complementary uses to encourage people to buy more than one item. For example, instead of placing all shampoos together, set up displays of the entire product line for each hair type.

Whether you’re selling products, attempting to attract potential employees or simply putting out information about your company, an attractive setup under an attention-getting canopy puts shines a favorable light on your company.

2 Factors To Consider When Buying A Badminton Racket

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Choosing the right badminton racket for you is exceedingly important as the wrong racket could lead to quite a few problems that can negatively impact your enjoyment of the game. Listed below are two factors to consider when shopping for a new racket.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a racket is the weight of it. When you are first starting out with badminton you will want to avoid the heavier rackets because they will be much harder to control than a lightweight one.

In addition, until you body and muscles adjust to the motions and movements of badminton a lightweight racket can help you avoid injuries. In many cases, a heavier racket will place additional strain on your wrists and shoulders. However, a heavier racket is a good choice for short practice sessions as it can really help you develop the muscles that badminton uses.

Another reason to consider weight differences is in order to adjust your badminton strategy. A lightweight racket can help you switch between different types of strokes very quickly as well as serve quickly. On the other hand, a heavy racket can greatly increase the strength with which you can smash the shuttlecock.


Another thing that you will want to consider when looking for a badminton racket is the type of grip that will be most comfortable for you. One of the most popular grip types is a synthetic grip that are great if you do not want to have to replace the grip very often and that is very easy to clean because it will not absorb sweat. However, the fact that this option does not absorb sweat does mean that it can be very slick and difficult to grip over the course of a long game.

A towel grip is essentially a soft fabric grip that is designed to absorb sweat while you play. This makes towel grips perfect for longer play or practice sessions as the sweat absorption will allow you to keep a firm grip on your fabric for as long as you need. However, because the towel grip absorbs sweat it will need to be replaced frequently in order to avoid any hygienic issues to the buildup of bacteria.

Drop by your local sporting goods store today to get assistance finding the perfect racket for you. The weight and grip type of the racket will directly impact your game, comfort, health, and overall badminton experience.

The Four Retention Levels Of Gun Holsters And What They Mean

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When shopping for a new gun holster, you’ve probably seen holsters described as Level 1 or Level 2, and sometimes even Level 3. These levels refer to the retention of your holster or how difficult it is to access your weapon from its holster when you’re wearing it. The ability for you to grab your gun quickly hinges very much on the retention level of your holster, as does the ability of someone else to grab your gun. Therefore, it is important to reach a balance that you are comfortable with between being able to draw your gun quickly and having it stay on your hip when you don’t have to use it. Here are some tips on picking out a holster with the right gun retention level to suit your needs. 

Levels One and Two

These levels of retention should cover all of the needs of the average civilian gun owner. Level one holsters use friction alone as the method of gun retention and have an open top where the gun can be drawn without having to open additional methods of retention. These types of holsters are typically only used at the range and out hunting rather than for self defense. A level two holster does not have an open top but rather has one method of more rigorous retention than simple friction used in a level one holster. A popular method of retention is the thumb break, which involves a snap closure that must be opened with the thumb as the gun is being drawn. A level two holster combines this or some other method of retention with yet another method, creating two total methods of retention. 

Levels Three and Four

Holsters with retention levels of three and four are typically only used by professionals like bodyguards or the military, as these holsters require somewhat of a puzzle to open since they involve three or four methods of retention. These holsters utilize both friction and a snap, button, or strap closure as well as an additional type of control. Commonly used controls for a level three or four holster include the necessity to rotate or pivot the gun in order to draw it. These types of holsters are extremely secure and can be impossible to open for an assailant, even if the gun owner is unconscious. However, one drawback to these types of holsters is that they require significant training in order to master one to the point of usefulness in a combat situation. 

For more information, contact Northern Security Supply Inc or a similar company.

Golf Clothes For Women – The Difficult Process Of Selection

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Women don’t have it easy when it comes to finding the right outfit to hit the links wearing. Golf apparel for women are improving, but it is still sometimes hard to find clothing that fits right and is acceptable to wear to your local club. So, how do you find the best outfit for golfing? Below, you will find a few tips to help you choose the clothes that you wear to your next golf outing.


Most, if not all clubs have some kind of dress code in place. Before you go and purchase things that you think are cute and comfortable, contact the club to learn about the actual dress code and how strictly it is enforced. Some clubs haven’t updated their dress codes in many years and still have written in their policies that shorts and skirts must be knee-length, but in reality, they just don’t want you showing up with shorts that let your cheeks hang out when you bend over.

Generally, if you can find shorts with a 5″ inseam or skirts that extend beyond your fingertips when you stand straight with your hands at your sides, you should be safe. Again, check in advance to avoid the aggravation and possible embarrassment when you show up in an outfit that looks great but doesn’t meet the standards of the club.

As for tops, avoid those spaghetti strap tank tops. Instead choose polo shirts or high-collared sleeveless shirts that will keep you covered each time you bend over to tee your ball.


The clothes that you wear must be made of a breathable material. Although the workout you will get on the course isn’t as strenuous as what you get at the gym, you will become overheated while walking the course or standing in the sun.

If you tend to sweat a lot, look for moisture-wicking shirts. These will help keep you cool and dry all day.


Who doesn’t love a great pair of shoes? Golf shoes for women have come a long way over the years. Today, you can find all kinds of styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Don’t forget the fit! The shoes you find may be perfect for completing your outfit, but will you be able to stand keeping them on your feet during a round? Try them on and wear them for a while before heading to the club for the day.

Tip: If you’re breaking in new shoes during a day at the club, take an extra pair of shoes with you. Shoes that feel great for the first few holes may not feel so good once you reach the tenth.

Take your time to find just the right golf clothes for your game. What you wear can have a significant impact on your game and how much you enjoy your time at the club.